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#CNN7 #RobinWilliams Daughter Says I Wont Be Bullied!

September 2 at 5:31 PM

The daughter of the actor and comedian Robin Williams is back on social media, three weeks after she said she was bullied off social networks following her father’s suicide. Zelda Williams, 25, went silent on her accounts after some Twitter users sent her doctored images of her father showing bruises around his neck.

At the time, Zelda Williams said she would leave Twitter for “a good long while” and also stopped posting to her Tumblr and Instagram accounts. On Tuesday, however, a new post on her Twitter feed — linking to a Tumblr post — shared a defiant message about not letting bullies have the last word, with a quote attributed to her father’s “Mrs. Doubtfire” co-star  Harvey Fierstein.
Williams’s problems this summer helped prompt Twitter to release new policies regarding images of deceased Twitter users. The social network now allows for direct family members to petition the site to have some images removed, in certain cases. “Immediate family members and other authorized individuals may request the removal of images or video of deceased individuals, from when critical injury occurs to the moments before or after death,” the company policy says, though Twitter will evaluate the news worthiness of the images before removing them.



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