#TIC-DC-#MillionairesClub2020 Engagement Party
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#TIC-DC-#MillionairesClub2020 Engagement Party 2014

#MillionairesClub2020 and #TIC-DC:

#TIC-DC-#MillionairesClub2020 Engagement Party

You all can share this specific post from my client JPAUL-Entertainment’s page on #SocialMedia with all your FB friends by inbox or post, whatever venue you choose for your ticket sales. #EventUpdates and other info will be posted to this post’s comment’s feed.

Remember to tell purchaser to put your name in the “notes to seller” of their online payment when they purchase their tickets. #JPAULEntertainment has agreed to pay $1,000.00 to the person who sells the most tickets based upon meeting our quota of 500 Tickets sold. To qualify simply feel free to “copy and paste” the text of this message to email and share the link below to purchase, if Tweeting = Tweet the link below with #MillionairesClub2020 and #TICDC Thank you, and if you are not interested, spread the word to other “like minded” potential sales reps! In the words of “TD” = “IT’s Time To GO GET IT!” WE ARE #TheRainMakers

Tickects available now at: http://jp-logan.com/tic-dc-engagement-party-2014.htm


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