Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……The Joint College of Bishops Congress held March 19 – 22 in Cleveland, Ohio, didn’t go down without incident this Spring. While the bi-annual meeting is held as a leadership training for bishops that are members of the of consortium African American Pentecostal Bishops and the organization boasts that the core value includes a standard of “fierce devotion to the integrity of the presentation of God’s Word, the administration and care of the Lord’s Church, the equitable oversight of ecclesiastical leadership and an unwavering commitment to moral integrity for all concerned,” one of the founding bishops, Bishop Jesse Delano Ellis, exposed the attendees to another level of fierceness. According to my sources, Bishop Ellis shocked attendees when he erupted into a tirade against Bishop Kenneth Hagler, pastor of City Sanctuary in Clinton, Maryland.
The opening session began at 11 A.M., but Bishop Hagler, who had only arrived in Cleveland that morning, was not seated until around 11:16. Bishop Hagler stated he rushed to the registration, entered the room, and quickly and quietly sat down. As Hagler is considered a sophomore member of the Congress, his seat was near the rear of the meeting room.
Around 11:30, the Metropolis Bishop, Ellis, began to shout into the microphone, “Hagler! Hagler! Brother Hagler!” Startled by the unexpected outburst, Bishop Hagler replied, “Yes, sir,” and proceeded to apologize for his late arrival.
Bishop Ellis then asked in a demeaning tone, “Did you come alone or did you bring your companion?”
Hagler, thinking Ellis was referring to his wife, replied he had come alone. Ellis then stated, “Last year you came with your companion, who did not pay the registration fee, but hung around and ate and attended sessions for free.” Then in a more pronounced shrill, Ellis spewed, “You are a homosexual and married to a man! This organization does not condone same-sex marriage!”. Ellis was talking about his adjutant, Adrian, calling them out as a couple in a ballroom of four hundred plus people.

Hagler stated he was taken aback, but replied, “Sir, I am not a homosexual, and I am not married to a man.”
Ellis yelled at the top of his lungs, “You get your stuff and get up and get out! We don’t condone that sort of behavior or same-sex marriage in the Joint College of Bishops!” He then shouted, “Get out! Go! Go, now! You are no longer welcome here in the Joint College of Bishops!”

At that moment, I am told the entire room began to cheer and clap. Hagler stated he gathered his belongings and left the room. He stated, “I have never been so ashamed and openly humiliated in my entire life.” Hagler added, “No one, not even my former pastor of 13 years, Bishop Alford Owens, spoke up for me.”
Hagler stated when he left the room, Dr. Carolyn Showell, Overseer of the Joint College of Bishops, met him outside and tried to calm him down. Hagler said Dr. Showell said she wanted to “fix this” and that “Bishop Ellis was wrong” and pleaded with him to stay and allow her to help clear up the matter.

After a few moments of speaking with Dr. Showell, Hagler agreed and requested a private meeting with Ellis to discuss what had taken place and get clarification on Ellis’ stance. Ellis refused to honor the request and left Hagler dangling in the wind among the laughter and finger pointing of his peers who were in attendance.
Hagler drove home from Cleveland the next day as he was tired able to drive right back the same day. He stated that since he has returned, his ministry has been negatively affected by Ellis’ baseless ridicule. He said he has been contacted by a number of pastors and church members inquiring about the unruly outburst. He stated his wife of seven years, Prophetess Christina Hagler, was so upset, she wanted to fly to Cleveland to see Ellis, but he told her it was unnecessary. Bishop Hagler sought and retained legal counsel prior to leaving Cleveland and plans on filing a lawsuit against Ellis and the Joint College of Bishops.
When I asked Hagler why he thought Ellis would accuse him of such, he stated he assumed it was either someone else because he last year he was accompanied by his former son-in-law, who was his agitant and went to attend the adjutant courses and some type of miscommunication. He expressed how devastated he was by Ellis’ unfounded behavior and accusations. He said the two days he had to remain in Cleveland were extremely difficult for him.
My question is, if Bishop Ellis thought he had evidence of Bishop Hagler openly practicing homosexuality or being on the down low, why not pull Bishop Hagler aside? Wouldn’t it have been better pull him aside and speak with him versus clowning him in such a formal place? Could this all be because Bishop Hagler still has a good relationship with his former son-in-law and he works with him in his ministry? It strange that he would do this to Bishop Hagler and the year before he invited Bishop O.C. Allen, an openly gay Pentecostal pastor and bishop, knowing all along he was married to a man and Bishop Ellis personally escorted him into the Joint College Chambers?
He could have met with Hagler privately like he did the previous year with Bishop O.C. Allen!
It seems Bishop Ellis has reverted to his ugly ways. Hagler is the second member Ellis has openly ridiculed and berated in an open forum. He deceived Bishop Carlton Pearson by trying to publicly humiliate him and trying to cut him down at another congress, only after begging him to attend the meeting. At a fundraiser for President Obama, hosted by Tyler Perry, Bishop Pearson shared with me Ellis’ fit was brought on by his practice of inclusion in his ministry. Bishop Pearson stopped attending the meetings and is witnessing his ministry experience growth of untold measures.
While many may be clapping in the forum, more are shaking their head at Bishop Ellis and questioning the psychological stability of this reformed Musilim, who was beaten senseless by his father when he found Christ. The Joint College of Bishops’ state their purpose is to “insure that all those who matriculate to the College will leave equipped with the knowledge, skills and temperament that will qualify them to represent our Lord Jesus Christ.”

This poses three questions:

Has this co-founder of the Joint College of Bishops become narcissistic, so preoccupied with power and vanity that he believes he is above reproach,

Who gave Jesse Delano Ellis such authority to determine the actions of so many bishops, and

Who sanctioned him as the Black Pope?

Out of respect for Bishop Ellis, I placed a call to him to ask him if he would like to offer a statement regarding the incident. Bishop Ellis quickly ended the call, saying he appreciated the opportunity; but he “dare not discuss what goes on in the chambers of the Joint College of Bishops with the likes of you, young man.” I told him I certainly understood. He then asked, “Do you pray? If you pray, then pray form me, but I must release the call so I may get to my appointment.”

I must add and remind the Bishop that the Bible clearly states a Bishop should be the husband of only one living wife, and he is on his second.

Since this situation happen it has been a great deal of talk about the number of members of the Joint College that are same gender loving and hiding. Bishop Ellis acknowledged that in his Missive “I Think Myself Happy,” which was a response to my blog post on his extending membership of the Joint College to Bishop O.C. Allen last year. During my long conversation with a devastated Bishop Hagler he shared the what hurt him the most was his former pastor of 13 years, Bishop Alfred Owens, First Assistant to Bishop Ellis, did not say one word in his defense. Owens is certainly no stranger to scandal. A letter written to him exposing a laundry list of men that were members of his church that found themselves allegedly enjoying the affection of other me. Washington, D.C. covered the story on local news because it was so hot.

Read the letter sent to Bishop Alfred Owens exposing a number of homosexuals at his church below:

Dear Bishop Alfred A. Owens: As this year comes to a close I feel the need to get some things off my chest and out in the open. More importantly bring to your attention what continues to be a burden to me this year 2007. I just can’t continue to stand around and watch and say nothing. I will be leaving the choir @ the top of the year because 78.9% of the tenors are homosexuals and act more like a female in choir rehearsal than I do. The key players are (T*****, W*****, and M*****). Who all sing in the Alfred A. Owens Chorale
The following people I am asking you to monitor very closely and our pray is that you will sit them down from there ministries. Because they are ushering in a presence of sin, lies, a spirit of homosexuality, and sexual spirits. I know your next question is why and how would I know all of this information?

I am a female who has been a member of the Alfred A. Owens Chorale for over five years. I have male friends in all of the choirs. However people talk in my choir and I have over heard so many conversations and pictures tell no lie. 90.9% of the tenors in Sanctuary choir are homosexual. 99.9% of all the tenors in Celebration choir are homosexual including the director J****, but he is very undercover aka down low with his sex life.

20% of the tenors in The Voices of Calvary are homosexual. 78.9% of the tenors in the AAOC are homosexual. T***, W***, D*** and M**** is @ the top of the list. If you were to interview any member from the Alfred A. Owens Chorale excluding the homosexuals they would agree with me and inform you of this same information you are reading. I highly recommend you do that people will talk because we are tired, and soon every choir @ Calvary will be a gay male chorus.

T**** who sings on the praise team 1st and 4th Sundays, also sings in your choir (aaoc). He lives with his boyfriend. His name is B****; he attends Calvary as well, they live together in Adams Morgan DC. T**** was @ a party on 12/8 that E**** (sanctuary choir) and T**** ( Calvary as elect/bible study) gave which was a homosexual party. They were drugging, drinking, and having group sex and everything else you can possibly think of. T**** has also slept with 75% of the men @ Calvary , in every MINISTRY.

It is our prayer that L*** and Tr**** would stop him from leading us in to praise and worship before our choir rehearsals. He is just a mess and wears women’s jewels and accessories and the tightest pants.

* W*** who sings on the praise team 2nd Sundays, male chorus, sanctuary choir, and your choir the aaoc. He has sleep with T***, M****, and D****, and many more. He befriends people in order to have sex with them. I am not sure if you are aware of it but he currently has a scandal going on with a new guy who recently joined the sanctuary choir. Who he also had sex with and now they are in a lover’s feud.

* M***** sings in celebration and aaoc he sings soprano bishop. He is very messy loves gossip and has sleep with half the tenors in the aaoc and celebration: T****, A***** and William Gregg. It was a big scandal going on a couple of months ago with M**** who was living with Jennifer W**** who is a Lesbian she sings alto in the aaoc. She evicted him out of her apt and he told the entire choir who he had sex with out of anger. Minister: L**** is also aware of this. Why would elder Young allow a male to sing soprano anyway? M**** would have never allowed that!

* L***** who just moved in with A**** who both sings in the aaoc are in a homosexual relationship. A**** has three kids and they all refer to D****n as Uncle D****.

Bishop, I hope you don’t think of me as a negative person, but these are just a few of the people, believe me when I say there are hundreds more that play church on Sunday and live a life of sin, sex and hell six days out of the week.

You will also be receiving an e-mail just like this one from saved concerned members of the Sanctuary Choir, Voices of Calvary , Celebration, and SCOC. I pray that you will apply this e-mail to your memory of archives and address these people. It would be nice if you and co-pastor would anoint all members of the music department with holy prayer oil, along with members from other ministries @ GMCHC like you used to do back in the day. We desperately need that touch.

The following tenors in the aaoc are homosexual; however I will construct a list of the men that we the females of the aaoc converse about monthly after choir rehearsal and fellowships. Bishop we are just trying to possibly find a godly heterosexual saved husband who loves the Lord.

But we know for a fact that the following man are homosexuals because they verbally inform us and act like females in choir rehearsal and any fellowships that we might have. And there desires are to be with another man and some are currently in homosexual relationships.

Homosexual: – L***** (openly gay/male whore currently dating A**** in aaoc) – T***** (openly gay/male whore currently in a relationship) – Deacon J****** (undercover gay/dl & ex-roommate/ best friends with T****) – Deacon K***** (openly gay/befriends people to have sex with them) – P***** (openly gay/former drag queen) – S***** (openly gay/currently in a relationship) – J***** (undercover gay/dl) – A****** (openly gay/currently dating dyson in aaoc) – M***** (openly gay/male whore/freeloader) – W***** (openly gay/ befriends people to have sex with them)

The following men are heterosexual and act like real man: Adam H*** (really nice guy, we are hoping he comes back to the choir, he is currently dating Shelly from the sanctuary choir) Kevin H**** (really nice guy who loves the lord, he only sings with us like 5 times out of the year) Kenneth D**** (really nice sweet guy who loves the lord and speaks his mind) Todd T**** (really nice guy, very quiet and stays to himself, all the ladies are after him) Campy I**** (really nice guy, very quiet and stays to himself) Carlton C**** (police officer for Montgomery county, md, very nice guy he is dating a young lady in the voices of Calvary ) Tremain M***** (Very nice guy, all about business, quiet and stays to himself, he truly loves the lord)

The following two females dress and act like man when not in the choir stands. They both sing Alto. Lesbian: J***** and V******r (she also sings in the voices)

The Joint College has an impressive list of bishops on the board including the following: Alfred Owens, Dr. Sabrina Ellis, Ralph Dennis, Cynthia James, Claude Alexander, H. Eugene Belinger, Charles Blake (who was not in attendance and should not be included in any legal action), David Copeland, James Everett, Clifford Frazier, Donald Hilliard, Liston Page, Sr., Edgar Vann, Walter Scott Thomas, and William Washington should all be slapped with a defamation of character lawsuit. None of them should have allowed such a character assassination to have taken place, but since they did Hagler should not rest until Ellis and his gang is forced to pay a chunk and a chuck for the evil and malicious attack . Additionally, if female bishops can be a member of the joint college when the Bible clearly states let every bishop be the husband of one wife. Which is the first major problem! Women should not even be included in the Joint College according to the Bible. Secondly, according to members of my Obnoxious Street Committee in Charlotte there was some very serious talk about Claude Alexander’s bromance with Patrick Cannon, city councilmen and radio show host. At the time that it is rumored the men were sexing each other Cannon was Charlotte’s Mayor Pro Tem.

In case you have not read it I have provided you a copy below:

“I Think Myself Happy …. Because I Shall Answer for Myself” – Acts 26:2 –
This brief Treatise is written to the “Faithful” in Christ who are adherents to the tenets declared and established by the Joint College of African-American Pentecostal Bishops Congress. Because of recent communiqués regarding the Joint College’s membership, I thought it wise to make some declarations so that our supporters will find it convenient to remain silent in the face of bliss-filled misinformation.
In recent days, the Joint College published its position on Homosexuality, particularly as it relates to our participation in ministry with those who tout that lifestyle. Our position is and always has been to support the teachings of Holy Scripture as found in the Canonicals. Our theology does not agree with those who would seek to enter into holy places without having repented of sin. One who “practices” sin is indeed out of the will and fellowship of God. Because Holy Scripture does not give one a “pass” in the matter of the Gay and/or Lesbian Lifestyle, neither can we. Therefore we have not changed our mind on receiving homosexuals as members of the Joint College. Neither have we opened the doors to drunkards, thieves, liars, molesters of children, or evil-spirited religious Pharisees for membership. But we are not so blind as to believe that each one of the above categories may not be represented among us, but we will address every behavior that does not agree with the Word of God.
Now because the uninformed have taken upon themselves to write about us, using a faux-compliment of us, in an attempt to tout a social agenda which might give legitimacy to their own misconduct, I thought it proper to use this missive to repudiate every statement made in their journaling. Be assured that no such person “joined” the Joint College of Bishops this year. There were two ‘known’ prelates who attended the “Annual Congress” at Cleveland in March. Yes, they did purchase our patches and, obviously, distributed them to their prelates when they returned from the Congress. But patches don’t make them members of our Joint Conclave any more than a badge from a Five-and-Dime store will make another a police officer. Admittedly, we might have done a better job of policing our product but we put it on the tables and everybody purchased them.
The truth is, each one of the bishops that you write and talk about received a letter from me, inviting them to come in for a sit-down meeting to discuss their ‘theologies’ so that we might determine whether their doctrinal positions were congruent with ours. They were advised that they could not register for attendance at future Congress Sessions until such a meeting has taken place and until they are approved for “membership” by the Executive Board of our College. Some of you unwittingly jumped on Bishop O. C. Allen of Atlanta and you have unduly embarrassed him. In truth, Bishop Allen has been quiet, respectful, and busy about his ministry as he understands it. He is not bothering us, he has not been on the social network, squabbling but you, who claim to be the “sanctified,” “Blood-washed,” “STRAIGHT” folk seem to be more concerned about him and others who hold positions similar to him.
In the immediate days ahead, we will be doing a better job of screening applicants and participants in the College which, I’m sure, will lead to the dismissal of some of you, whose credentials are “suspect” at best. I’m sure you’ll understand our care in that matter since you’re so concerned about “legitimacy.” Personally, I believe that “bastardizing the bishopric” is far-more dangerous to the Church of Jesus. Now let’s get back on target and stay on message and leave everyone else alone. Alex Bradford said it best: “I have six months to mind my own business and six months to leave yours alone.”
Be blessed in Jesus Name,
X J. Delano Ellis
The Joint College of Bishops

How many other members of the Joint College are same gender loving? Anyone that is willing to come forward, I, Mr. Obnoxious will follow the lead of the Great Bishop Jesse Delano Ellis and openly expose them on all forms of Obnoxious Media, which consist of Obnoxious TV, Obnoxious Radio Live, Obnoxious Website, and Obnoxious Blog! Boys come forward if you are tired of lying and covering for some preacher that says one thing in the pulpit, but cannot want to take your drawls down; telling you to pray and seek God all the while using your body for their own self gratification. No longer allow them to win by having their face marriage, their church, and live a lie. Left up your voice like a trumpet in Zion, cry loud and spare not!

Checkout an e-mail that was just sent to me about Bishop Johnathan Alvarado, who is on the Joint College Of Bishops advisory board, is still under investagation for allegedly having sex with under age boys. Plus Bishop Haywood Parker is said to have allegedly faced charges in North Carolina for sexing young boys as well. However, they are presently active and was never openly rebuked by Bishop Ellis. The e-mails are coming in and I will post everyone. Come forward guys and call the roll on every member you know right with Mr. Obnoxious!
Read an e-mail from a brother in the know below:

Mr. McCray it seems a few names were left off of your list from the Board members of the Joint College…

There are 2 boards according the website http://www.CollegeOfBishops.org

Some of the guys on the Advisory Board such as Bishop Jonathan Alvarado, whom you have included in your blog in past times, is a member of the Advisory Board and Assistant Dean of the College. Alvarado was brought up on charges of child molestation with a boy in 2010 in Atlanta and was NEVER disciplined by the JCOB, but was allowed to continue to serve to this day. Another one is Bishop Haywood Parker who is known, and I believe was convicted, in Rocky Mount, NC for having a relationship with a man who was a child at the time.

So I hear Bishop Haglar has exclusive information on Bishop Alfred Owens and his inappropriate relationships with MEN outside of his marriage to Co-Pastor Susie Owens.

I’m sure your sources can dig up details and further information.