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#PopeFrancis Trip To #USA Questions

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1. Cuba libre? President Raul Castro has granted Cubans more religious freedom in recent months, and even said that Pope Francis has inspired him to consider joining the Catholic Church. Castro is expected to attend the Pope’s public Masses in Cuba, and Vatican officials have hinted that Francis may meet […]

Why #Isis Fights #HappeningNow #CNN7

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Dabiq’s few remaining men worked on the odd building project: a half-finished mosque, a humble house for one local who had just returned after 10 years labouring in Lebanon, or a fence for the shrine that was the town’s only showpiece – the tomb of Sulayman ibn Abd al-Malik. The […]

#CIA #ZeroDarkThity Osama bin Laden

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#CIA #ZeroDarkThity Osama bin Laden Sony / Columbia Pictures "Zero Dark Thirty" has always been controversial. The movie depicted the CIA’s hunt for Osama bin Laden and the eventual Navy SEAL raid that killed him. Even before it was released in December 2012, the movie had kicked off a firestorm […]