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#HappeningNow #Apple is willing to bet big on artificial #intelligence

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#HappeningNow #Apple is willing to bet big on artificial #intelligence Apple is reportedly recruiting students fresh from from PhD programs, with a view to developing applications that can better predict what users are going to want next — as seen through iOS 9’s Proactive feature and, possibly, the forthcoming Apple […]

U.S. builds up Arctic #spy network as #Russia and #China increase presence

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U.S. builds up Arctic spy network as Russia and China increase presence Related topics: Intelligence, War, Russia Shared from CIA Strategic Support

#Donald Trump Has Landed – #PresidentoftheUnitedStates?

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Donald Trump Has Landed – President of the United States? There are some things you just can’t do in politics, not at the presidential level, anyway. This is a game like any other, with rules honed over decades by the pros in blue blazers clutching focus-group results: Be likable. Don’t […]

North Korea Threatens to attack the United States

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North Korea threatens to attack U.S. By Kevin Conlon, CNN #HappeningNow A State Department official told CNN on Saturday it was aware of the threats. The exercises are transparent, defense-minded and are designed to increase the readiness of South Korea and the region, the State Department official said. “These exercises are […]

Flying Cars

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FLYING CARS Not since the Wright brothers flew the first powered aircraft near Kitty Hawk in 1903 has the competition been so intense. The technology that can give us the world’s first affordable and easily pilotable flying car is almost here. Several start-ups are already moving their prototypes forward and […]

One Night Abroad: Tokyo

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#CNN7 #Tokyo

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